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Tactical and Operational Learning by Terrorist Groups
Taliban: een Analytische Studie naar de Afghaanse Taliban
Terreurbestrijding in het Gooi
Terrorism and beyond
Terrorism and Human Rights
Terrorism and Political Instability (Ph.D)
Terrorism and Public Law after September 11
Terrorism and the Military: Legal Aspects of the Role of the Armed Forces in Fighting Terrorism (Ph.D)
Terrorism as a Self-Protection Measure (Ph.D)
Terrorism Country Profiles
Terrorism Financing and Society: a Phenomenal Approach
Terrorism in a Democratic Society (Ph.D)
Terrorism in Asia
Terrorism in Time and Space (TITAS)
Terrorism Studies in Comparative Perspective
Terrorism Today: The Past, The Players, The Future.
Terrorism – Media-Driven Construction and Individual Interpretation
Terrorism, the future and U.S. Foreign Policy
Terrorism: What's coming?
Terrorisme Maakt Nederlander Negatief over Moslimbevolking
Terrorisme: Wat Willen Amsterdammers erover Weten?
Terrorist and laser weapons
Terrorist Networks and Finances
Terrorist Profiling
The 'Hofstadgroep'  
The Arab Debate on the Origins of Islamist Terrorism
The ARC Terrorism Project
The Cultic Milieu
The Dark Web Project
The Deradicalization of Jihadists: Transforming Armed Islamist Movements
The Dynamics of Public Response to a Terrorist Strike: Recommendations for Data Collection, Analysis, and Modeling
The Edge of Violence. A Radical Approach to Extremism
The Effect of Collective Humiliation on Terrorist Radicalization
The Evolution of Religion
The evolving ideology of the global jihad. A discursive approach
The future battlegrounds of Islamic terrorism
The future of Al Qaeda and associated movements
The future of terror
The global technology revolution 2020
The Gülen Movement: Building Social Cohesion through Dialogue and Education
The Ideologues Project
The ideology of the global jihad: A discursive approach
The Impact of Terrorism on Peceptions of Justice and Decision-Making
The Internationalisation of Crime and Criminalisation of War
The Islamist Terrorist Threat to Europe after Osama bin Laden’s Death
The Jihadis' Path to Self-Destruction
The Muslim Brotherhood in the West
The Muslim Brotherhood in the Wider Horn of Africa
The Operation and Structure of Right-Wing Extremist Groups
The Practice of the United Nations in Combating Terrorism from 1946 to 2008. Questions of Legality and Legitimacy
The Radicalization Project
The Spread of Nuclear Weapons among Terrorist Organisations in the Middle East
The Taliban insurgency in Afghanistan - organization, leadership and worldview
The terrorism index
The Terrorism Project
The Tolerance Project
The Urban Environment: Mirror and Mediator of Radicalisation?
Threat assessments and radical environmentalism
Threat of Critical Infrastructure through Terrorism and Violent, Extremist Groups
Threats Against Democratic Values and Principles: The Situation in Malmo
Totalitarianism, Political Islam and Justice
Transnational Challenges, Security Cultures and Regional Organisations
Transnational Radical Islamism Project (TERRA)
Transnational Terrorism in Southeast Asia: a Net Assessment
Transnational Terrorism, Security & the Rule of Law (TTSRL)
Trends in terrorism and future potentialities
Trends in Terrorism: Threats to the United States and the Future ot the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act
Trends now shaping the future of terrorism
Truth Matters: An Assessment of Foucauldian Discourse Analysis Through the Case Study of George W. Bush's Administration's War on Terrorism
TTSRL: Polarization of Society by the Media
TTSRL: The Hofstadgroup and Hizb ut Tahrir
TTSRL: The Nature of Terrorism - Definitions of EU Institutions
TTSRL: A Comprehensive EU Counterterrorism Strategy
Typologie des Terrors. Ungleiche Gegner Entscheiden die Kriege der Zukunft
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Global Trends 2025 (NIC)
Report Homeland Security Advisory Council
National Intelligence Estimate
Mapping the global future (NIC)
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