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9/11 effect: Art and Cultural Politics in Post-9/11 Europe
Access to Documents and Dataprotection in the European Union (Ph.D project)
Anthrax and Beyond
Anti-Terror Laws and the Democratic Challenge
Anti-terrorism Legislation Balancing Security Interests and Human Rights in Germany and China
Anti-Terrorism Legislation in a Culture of Control: A Research into the Development of the Discourse (Ph.D)
Assessing the Effectiveness of Current De-Radicalization Initiatives and Identifying Implications for the Development of US-Based Initiatives
Assessing the Interplay Between Formal Institutions in Food Security Issues
Bedreigingen in Nederland
Bestuurlijke Maatregelen Veiligheid
Between Threat Perception and Enemy Images: Construction of Security Policy on Terrorism in Germany and the United States (Ph.D)
Beyond Criminality and Enmity: The Fight Against Terrorism as the Management of Incalculable Risks
BIO3R: Bio-terrorism, Research, Reaction, Resilience
Biometrics Revisited for Security, Dependability and Confidence
BioWar: a City Scale Multi-Agent Network Model of the Impact of Weaponized Biological Diseases
Can the Use of Fair Procedures Mitigate the Impact of Proactive Anti-terror Policing within Minority Communities?
Changing Perceptions of Security  and Interventions  (CPSI)
Citizens and Resilience: The Balance Between Awareness and Fear
Collaboration with Local Power Holders in Counterinsurgency
Combating Terrorism: An Alternative Legal Approach
Comparative Research on the Mobilisation of Criminal Law in the Combat Against Terrorism in the United States and Europe (Ph.D. project)
Compensation for Acts of Terrorism (Ph.D)
Competitive Adaption in Terrorist Networks: A Multidisciplinary Basic Research Proposal for Modeling the Social, Psychological, and Cultural Properties of Adaptive Militant Networks in Five Countries
Conflicts and Development Cooperation
Consortium for Mathematical Methods in Counterterrorism
Contraterrorisme Maatregelen en Grondrechten: een Voorlopige Balans
Contraterrorisme strategiŽen in IndonesiŽ en Algerije
Contraterrorisme: Oplossing of Deel van het Probleem?
Cost-Benefit Assessment and Risk Acceptability of Counter-Terrorism and Protective Measures
Counter-Terrorism Crisis Communications Strategies for Recovery and Continuity (SAFE-COMMS)
Counter-Terrorism in Latin America, 1945-2005 (Ph.D. project) 
Counter-Terrorism Policing for Culturally Diverse Communities
Countering Online Radicalisation: A Strategy for Action
Counterterrorism and the Neo-Republican Patriot
Counterterrorism in a Democracy
Criminal Law and Combating Terrorism
Criminal Law on Terrorism in Light of the ECHR (Pd.D) 
Crisis and Perspectives on Policy Change: Swedish Counter-Terrorism Policymaking (Ph.D)
Cross-Sector Observations of Threat Perceptions and Research Priorities for Biological Homeland Security in Europe
Cultures of Corporate Security
Data Assistance for Law Enforcement-DALE
Data Wars: New Spaces of Governing in the European Fight Against Terrorist Finance 
De Opsporing verruimd? De Wet opsporing terroristische misdrijven een jaar in werking
Defense Rights and Separation of Powers in Targeted Counter-Terrorism Financial Sanctioning
Design of an Interoperable European Federated Simulation Network for Critical Infrastructures (DIESIS)
Detection Technologies, Terrorism, Ethics and Human Rights (DETECTER)
Development and Practice of European Law-Making Cooperation in Fight against Crime and Terrorism
Do Terrorism and Civil Liability Mix?
Domestic Management of Terrorist Attacks in the UK
Eerste Inventarisatie van Contraterrorismebeleid
Einheit der VŲlkerrechtsordnung
European Common Foreign and Security Policy in the Age of Terrorism
European Legislative Responses to International Terrorism
European Liberty and Security
European Union Internal Security
Evaluatie van Antiterrorismebeleid Nederland in Vergelijkend Perspectief
Fighting Terrorism as a Challenge in Peace Ethics
Framing of Terrorist Threat in British Elections
Freedom and Security in the Fight against Terrorism
Global Salafi Jihadism and Counter-Terrorism. Understanding Jihadi and Counter Terrorist Violence (Ph.D)
Guerilla Insurgency. The Springboard to Terrorism?
History of Counter-Terrorism (1945-2005)
History of Counter-Terrorism in Asia: 1945-2005 (Ph.D)
History of Fanaticism
House of War. Islamic Radicalisation in Denmark
How to Talk About Terrorist Threats
Human Rights Evaluation of Anti-Terrorism Laws
Human Rights, Peace and Security in EU Foreign Policy
Ideological Response
Immigration, Asylum and Terrorism. A Changing Dynamic in European Law
Immigration, Political Violence and Security: North African Immigrants in the UK
Intelligence Services and Police: Competition or Cooperation? 
Intergovernmental Challenges of Homeland Security: Explaining Local Preparedness Efforts
International Law, Human Rights and Counter-Terrorism: Future Directions and Challenges
International Terrorism
International Terrorism and EU Immigration, Asylum and Unexpected Victims of 11 September 2001
Internationalisation of the Monopoly of the Legitimate Use of Force 
Internationalisation of the Police Function
Juridische en Morele Status van het Verbod op Marteling in de 'Oorlog' tegen het Terrorisme (Ph.D)
Justification with the Same Arguments? A Research Towards the Arguments for Restricting the Human and Civil Rights in the Fight for Terrorism in the USA, EU and Russia
Legal and Moral Status of the Prohibition against Torture in the Global War on Terror
Legal Restraints of European Human Rights in the Attempt to Fight Terrorism 
Mathematical Models of Terrorism Prevention
Megatrends en terrorisme/radicalisering
Migrant "Illegality", Race, and Citizenship in the Aftermath of "Homeland Security": The "War on Terrorism" at Home in the United States
Monitoring, Safety and Security
Multilateral Governance in the International Security Domain
Muslim Women Suicide Bombers: Implications for the Jihad and Counter-Terrorism Efforts
Muslims in Britain: The Impact of Counter-Terrorist Measures 
National Security and Compensation Policy for Terrorism Losses
NetWatch: Simulation Tools for Study of Covert Networks
Party Politics in Palestine. Hamas and the Politicization of Resistance
Pathways for a Counter Terrorism Policy, New Intelligence Challenges for Societal Security
Pathways to Terrorism - Faces of Jihad. The Case of Pakistan
PNR Data and Terrorism
Praesumptio Innocentiae in an Era of Terror
Preventing Terrorism Through Criminal Law Means as a Comparative Legal Research Between the Netherlands and the United States (Ph.D)
Preventive Detention as an Instrument of Counterterrorism (Ph.D)
Project Counterterrorism and Intelligence
Project on Resilience and Security
Protection of Human Rights During States of Emergency. National and International Norms on the Suspension of Fundamental Rights Protection (Ph.D)
Psychologische en Biografische Dimensies van het Terrorisme in Nederland
Radicalizing the Poor. Understanding the Influence of Service Provision on Popular Support for and Participation in Violent Political Groups
Religie als bindmiddel
Renewables Contribution and a Framework for Quantification of Energy Security
Resilient Design (RE-DESIGN) for Counter-Terrorism: Decision Support for Designing Effective and Acceptable Resilient Places
Restricting Personal Liberty by means of Terrorism Legislation in the United Kingdom (Ph.D)
Rhetoric and Reality. Countering Terrorism in the Age of Obama
Securities: Cities against Terrorism (Cat) - A Training Package for Local Representatives to Confront Terrorism
Seeing Through the Terror: Latin American & Caribbean Responses to Global Survival after 9/11
Signalen van terrorisme en de opsporingspraktijk. De Wet opsporing terroristische misdrijven twee jaar in werking
Social Welfare Policies and Political-Economic Roots of Terrorism
Sociale Cohesie en Islamitisch Terrorisme
Societal Implications of Individual Differences in Response to Turbulence: The Case of Terrorism
Speaking of Terror. A Survey of the Effects of Counter-Terrorism Legislation on Freedom of the Media in Europe
SSRC-NUPI Research Project on Political Violence
Stand van Zaken van het Empirisch Sociaal-Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek over Antiterrorismebeleid
Stocktake of Terrorism Prosecutions in Australia
Strafrechtelijke Antiterrorismemaatregelen in Nederland, het Verenigd Koninkrijk, Spanje, Duitsland, Frankrijk en ItaliŽ
Successful Security Policy Transfer - How and When?
Surge of Post-9/11 Popular Resistance  (Ph.D)
System in zaken. Een evaluatie van de effectiviteit en de doelmatigheid van het Bureau Financieel Toezicht
Terreurbestrijding in het Gooi
Terrorism and Public Law after September 11
Terrorism and the Military: Legal Aspects of the Role of the Armed Forces in Fighting Terrorism (Ph.D)
Terrorism Country Profiles
Terrorism in a Democratic Society (Ph.D)
Terrorist Profiling
The ARC Terrorism Project
The Edge of Violence. A Radical Approach to Extremism
The Impact of Terrorism on Peceptions of Justice and Decision-Making
The Muslim Brotherhood in the West
The Muslim Brotherhood in the Wider Horn of Africa
The Practice of the United Nations in Combating Terrorism from 1946 to 2008. Questions of Legality and Legitimacy
The Taliban insurgency in Afghanistan - organization, leadership and worldview
The Tolerance Project
Threat of Critical Infrastructure through Terrorism and Violent, Extremist Groups
Transnational Challenges, Security Cultures and Regional Organisations
Transnational Terrorism, Security & the Rule of Law (TTSRL)
Truth Matters: An Assessment of Foucauldian Discourse Analysis Through the Case Study of George W. Bush's Administration's War on Terrorism
TTSRL: A Comprehensive EU Counterterrorism Strategy
Understanding How Cities Respond to Threats
USA and Islamic Terrorism (Ph.D)
Veiligheid en Privacy; een Zoektocht naar een Nieuwe Balans 
Ventilation-Based Strategies to Control Terrorism Involving Chemical, Biological, or Radioactive (CBR) Agents
Waging the Battle of Ideas: Conceptualizing Counter-Terrorism Strategies Against Globalized Suicide Attacks
Zijn COIN-Doctrines Toepasbaar op Nationale Terrorismebestrijding?
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Global Trends 2025 (NIC)
Report Homeland Security Advisory Council
National Intelligence Estimate
Mapping the global future (NIC)
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