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A Preliminary Study on Terrorism in Canada
Abuse of Foreign Legal Persons
After Jihad: Tracing Personal Trajectories of non-local Moslem Fighters after their Participation in Jihad in Indonesia (Ph.D)
Al-Qa'ida Critical Infrastructure Project
Apology of Terrorism
Attraction of Islamic Fundamentalism: Social Change, Rational Actors and the Religious Market
Behavioral Impacts of Terrorist Attacks: Bounded Rationality Analysis of the "Fear Factor"
Beyond Criminality and Enmity: The Fight Against Terrorism as the Management of Incalculable Risks
Beyond Terror and Martyrdom. The Future of the Middle East
Characteristics of Jihadi Terrorists in Europe 
Christian Peace Ethics since 9/11
Compensating Victims of Terrorism
Concepts of Contemporary Jihadist Ideology - Means of Radicalisation, Motivation and Recruitment via the Mechanisms, Networks and Possibilites of the Internet
Construction of Terrorist Threats in Western and Arabic Mass Media
Contamination of Food with Biological Agents: An Integrated Risk Analysis and Risk Communication Approach  
Contraterrorisme strategiëen in Indonesië en Algerije
Counter-Terrorism in Latin America, 1945-2005 (Ph.D. project) 
Crisis Management in the European Union
Cultural Construction of Terrorism: Films, Politics and Popular Culture 
Cyber Terrorism
Cyberterrorism and Harmonization of Criminal Prosecution
Cycles of Political Violence. A Comparative Analyis of Italy and Northern Ireland
Dealing with the Devil: When Bargaining with Terrorists Works
Deterring Terrorism: Theory and Practice
Developing Standards for Assistance to Victims of Terrorism in the EU
Development of Al Qaeda's Ideology and Practice 
Disciplining an Unruly Field: Terrorism Studies and the State, 1972-2001 (Ph.D)
Emotions and Terrorism
Engineers of Jihad
Estimating Behavioral Changes for Transportation Modes After Terrorist Attacks in London, Madrid, and Tokyo
Everyday Jihad. The Rise of Militant Islam among Palestinians in Lebanon
Facilitering van Internationaal Islamitisch Terrorisme 
Facing Islamic Fundamentalism: The Effects of Ethnic Threat and Intergroup Anxiety in Dutch Society
Fatah al-Islam in Lebanon. Between global and local jihad
Folgen des 11. September für die Destinationsentwicklung im Internationalen und Islamischen Tourismus der Arabischen Welt
Framing of Terrorist Threat in US and Russian Elections
Framing the 'War on Terror': US, British and Australian Foreign Policy Discourse
From Emergence to Demise: Examining the Dynamic Lide Cycle of Terrorist Campagn
Geographies of Terror and Fear: Forced Displacement and Black Communities in Colombia
Geospatial Analysis of Terrorist Activities (GATA)
Global Black Spots- Mapping Global Insecurity
Global Salafi Jihadism and Counter-Terrorism. Understanding Jihadi and Counter Terrorist Violence (Ph.D)
Global Salafism. Islam's New Religious Movement
Grondoorzaken van het Internationaal Terrorisme
History of Political Violence
Home-grown Jihad: The Future of Terrorist Networks in Europe
HUMSEC Project
Identity in the Face of Death: The Postself and Symbolic Immortality in Secular Society
Ideology of Jihadism in Sunni and Shi'a Versions
Impact of the Global War on Terror on the Dynamics of Contemporary Internal Philippines
Internationalization of Terrorist Violence - Reasons and Prerequisites (Ph.D)
Internetnutzung islamistischer Terror- und Insurgentengruppen unter besonderer Berücksichtigung von medialen Geiselnahmen im Irak, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabien
IRA Apology of 2002 and Forgiveness in Northern Ireland's Troubles: A Cross-National Study of Printed Media
Islam and Violence: The National and Transnational Islamist Debate on the Legitimacy and Strategic Value of Violence
Islamic Radicalization in Europe and North America. Parallels and Divergence
Jihad and Terrorism Studies Project
Jihad in Saudi-Arabia. Violence and Pan-Islamism since 1979
Jihad Paramilitary Force: Islam and Identity in the Era of Transition in Indonesia (Ph.D)
Jongeren aan het Woord over Radicalisme en Terrorisme
Limits of the Prohibition Against Torture. A Comparative Legal Analysis (Ph.D)
Making of a Revolutionary. An Intellectual Biography of Patrick Pearse
Making Sense of Suicide Missions
Mapping Terrorist Organizations
Maritime Security: Sea Commerce, Piracy and Terrorism
Mathematical Methods of (Counter-) Terrorism and Insurgency (Ph.D research)
Measuring Intervention Success in Terrorist Activities (MISTA)
Media in Conflict
Megatrends en terrorisme/radicalisering
Migration, Integration, Diversity, Extremism and Terrorism (database)
Mimicry, Deception and Violence: A Multidisciplinary Investigation of Social, Psychological and Cultural Dynamics in Terrorist Movements
Modeling of Adversary Attitudes and Behaviors
Motivation and Determinants of Terrorist Activities
Network for the Economic Analysis of Terrorism (NEAT)
Networks for National Security: Intelligence Collaboration in the Netherlands
New Agenda for European Security Economics (EUSECON)
New Battlefields Old Laws
Perception and Communication of the Risk of Terrorism
Perceptions of Terrorism Risks
Political Extremism, Terrorism and Media in Central Asia
Political Violence in International Relations
Politics and Power in Times of Terror: Thinking with Hannah Arendt
Pre-incident Indicators of Terrorist Activities (PIITA)
Principles of Criminal Law in Relation with Anti-Terrorism Measures
Project Terrorisme
Psychological Aspects of Terrorism
Psychologische en Biografische Dimensies van het Terrorisme in Nederland
Public Policy and Safety
Public Responses to Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) Terrorism
RAF-Solidarity Movement from a European Perspective
Reception of 11-M and 9/11 in the Spanish Media: a Discursive Analyse
Recruitment and Mobilisation for the Islamist Militant Movement in Europe
Relations between Al-Qaida in the Middle East / South Asia and Diaspora Communities in Europe
Relationship between Terrorism, Anti-terror and the City
Religie als bindmiddel
Religious Terrorism
Rhetoric and Reality. Countering Terrorism in the Age of Obama
Risk and Stress: Anticipation and Perception in Psychosocial Management of Terrorist Threats
Role of the Media in the Recruitment of Terrorists
Scenario Model: Trends and Developments in Terrorism and Counterterrorism
Schendingen van Burger- en Mensenrechten in de Strijd tegen het Terrorisme
Secular Versus Religious Recruitment Appeals
Securitizing Terrorism in Europe: Representing Islam and North Africa in European Policy and the Media
Security and Civil Liberties in Comparative Perspective
Security and Global Governance
September 11th Project: Reactions to Terrorism
Shopping Mall Preparedness
Slaying of the Dutch Filmmaker: Religiously Motivated Violence or Islamist Terrorism in the Name of Global Jihad?
Small Group Dynamics in the Evolution of Global Network Terrorism: A Comprehensive, People-Based Approach
Sociale Cohesie en Islamitisch Terrorisme
Socio-Political Effects of Securitising Free Movement the Case of 9-11
Spatial and Temporal Determinants of Terrorism Risk
SSRC-NUPI Research Project on Political Violence
Suicide Terrorism Target Selection Analysis
Suicide Terrorism: The Use of Life as a Weapon
Tactical and Operational Learning by Terrorist Groups
Taliban: een Analytische Studie naar de Afghaanse Taliban
Terrorism and Human Rights
Terrorism and Political Instability (Ph.D)
Terrorism as a Self-Protection Measure (Ph.D)
Terrorism Financing and Society: a Phenomenal Approach
Terrorism in Asia
Terrorism in Time and Space (TITAS)
Terrorism Studies in Comparative Perspective
Terrorism – Media-Driven Construction and Individual Interpretation
Terrorisme Maakt Nederlander Negatief over Moslimbevolking
Terrorisme: Wat Willen Amsterdammers erover Weten?
Terrorist Networks and Finances
The Arab Debate on the Origins of Islamist Terrorism
The Dark Web Project
The Deradicalization of Jihadists: Transforming Armed Islamist Movements
The Dynamics of Public Response to a Terrorist Strike: Recommendations for Data Collection, Analysis, and Modeling
The evolving ideology of the global jihad. A discursive approach
The Internationalisation of Crime and Criminalisation of War
The Jihadis' Path to Self-Destruction
The Spread of Nuclear Weapons among Terrorist Organisations in the Middle East
The Taliban insurgency in Afghanistan - organization, leadership and worldview
The Terrorism Project
Transnational Radical Islamism Project (TERRA)
Transnational Terrorism in Southeast Asia: a Net Assessment
Transnational Terrorism, Security & the Rule of Law (TTSRL)
Trends in Terrorism: Threats to the United States and the Future ot the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act
TTSRL: The Hofstadgroup and Hizb ut Tahrir
TTSRL: The Nature of Terrorism - Definitions of EU Institutions
Typologie des Terrors. Ungleiche Gegner Entscheiden die Kriege der Zukunft
Understanding the Relationship Beteen Violent and Non-violent Islamist Mobilisation in Europe: a Comparative Study
USA and Islamic Terrorism (Ph.D)
Victimology and Human Security; An Interdisciplinary Approach
Violence and Subjectivity in a Global Movement: Jihadi Trajectories in the UK and Spain
Violence, Politics and the Left in West Germany in the 1960s and 1970s
Violent Actors
Violent Non-State Actors in World Politics
War on Terrorist Financing
Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) and Terrorism: The Threat Posed by Chemical Weapons
Why Choose Terrorism? Rebels and Terrorists
Why does terrorism thrive in democracies?
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Global Trends 2025 (NIC)
Report Homeland Security Advisory Council
National Intelligence Estimate
Mapping the global future (NIC)
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